Corner Store Cafe, Toowong

One of the highlights of visiting my Grandmother in Ashgrove was the close location of the corner store.

We thought it a treat to walk up the hill and purchase meat at the butchers for dinner and then pop into the corner store for a few lollies in a paper bag.

The Corner Store Cafe replaced a corner store in suburban Toowong but still has a few staples on the shelves, including milk, for locals to enjoy.

Looking around the cafe on a busy Friday morning, I got the impression the only locals where my friends who walked down the street to with me for a coffee.  The place was packed with people tucking into food and enjoying it immensely.

We were only here for coffee and cake, though after reading the menu I did regret my stomach wouldn't stretch to lunch. Reef fish taco, Tiger prawn nasi goreng and Shepherds pie were just a few of the lunch items that caught my eye.

I'd also like to try their Quesadilla, Colcannon potato cake and Belgian waffles on the breakfast menu. It's great to see a breakfast menu with options different to standard fare.

Our order was just coffee, a smoothie, a raspberry muffin and chocolate brownie, which all exceeded expectations.  In fact I'd rate the brownie as very good.

I've seen comments that the service here is patchy, especially when they are stretched, but everything was running very smoothly during my short visit.

There's a large amount of covered outdoor seating in the cafe which is great at this time of the year but is subject to weather variations.  

The Corner Store also gets a big tick for their well tended veggie garden at the back which helps preserve the suburban look.  They also have a worm farm to recycle waste matter - commendable!

The only issue with this cafe seems to be getting a seat, as they don't take bookings, and parking in the local area.  My friends who live close by have experienced people parking over their driveway and so have their neighbours. Nothing explains this boorish and selfish behaviour so I hope the City Council parking inspectors take note.

Oh, and the lilies are very well priced and look great.

Corner Store Cafe is open seven days from 7am with last meal orders at 2.30pm.

Corner Store Cafe
113 Sylvan Road, Toowong. 07 3670 2223

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Kerry Heaney