Vitamin Me - the best drug around

It's what everyone wants - a sparkle in your eye, a spring in your step, the an-ti-cip-ation of a secret pleasure.

For me it's knowing that my next meal is going to be something special. That's my 'Vitamin Me'.

For the past 12 months I've been travelling Queensland, working through my wish list of foodie delights.  I've been hunting crabs on North Queensland beaches with the Indigenous owners. I've seen happy free range pigs outside Airlie Beach. I've walked through the chocolate room on Hayman Island. I've learned how to make wine at the Queensland College of Wine and shared a harvest feast in the Barrell Room at Ballandean Estate. I've talked to farmers and fishermen, cooks and chefs and plenty of people who love where they live and what they do. And you know what - it's catching!

Where does my 'Vitamin Me' come from?  The fabulous produce of Queensland, sometimes served in wildly inventive ways, sometimes just as it is.  It tastes so good that it gives me a natural high that money can't buy. And it's at its best right where it is grown, caught or farmed.

There have been many more adventures around the state but here are some of my most memorable meals.

Warning: Do not watch this on an empty stomach and don't drool on your keyboard.

So where would I go if I needed some more Vitamin Me and could holiday anywhere in Queensland? Well I'd probably sashay up to a tropical island, Hayman sounds nice, and eat my way through their menu, enjoy some drinks around the pool bar and definitely try one of their very special picnic lunches on a remote island with my loved ones of course. Bliss!

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