Beans on the Green, Bardon

Sometimes life just is a little unfair, especially when a kick arse coffee shop opens just 20 metres from your front door just before you move.

I'm already developing a habit of walking the dog down for an energising cappuccino at Beans on the Green, a new coffee shop that has opened at the front of Bardon Bowls Club on Bowman Parade.

It's got all the winning ingredients - friendly, welcoming staff, great coffee, home made goodies, pleasant seating areas, plenty of parking and easy access.

The people behind Beans on the Green are locals. Pictured above are Hannah, Toddy and Candy who were working hard at the launch event to make everyone welcome.

It's not hard to feel at home at this relaxed spot.  There's plenty of room for everyone to get comfortable and multiple copies of daily papers will see everyone happy.  Just a hint here to other coffee shops - daily papers (more than one please) are an incredibly cheap investment in customer satisfaction for very little effort.

I can see this spot taking off in a big way as the locals in Bardon are very communal and love meeting friends when out and about.

Beans on the Green is also opening early every morning to catch commuter traffic.  If you see the sign out you can pop in for a heart starter on the way to work.

The menu is limited at the moment to a few home baked goodies, including muffins, biscuits and cupcakes, but there are plans to expand into lunch type offerings.

This is a child friendly and dog friendly venue as well with plenty of room to roam and few traffic issues.

The coffee is Rouge with two blends on offer.

Full marks to every energising person who turns a disused shed like this one which has languished at the front of Bardon Bowls Club for as long as I can remember, into a great coffee shop and community meeting place. More power to you. 

Bottom line: Lots to love here
Best tip: Walk there and you can justify that cupcake.

Beans on the Green
69 Bowman Parade, Bardon.