Vio's, Paddington

I've been driving past Vio's at Paddington several times a week for what seems like a year, always meaning to check it out.

Finally I got there last week and, despite a big game at Lang Park (I refuse to call it Suncorp Stadium), we actually got a park under the Iceworks building where Vio's is located.

Vio, after whom the restaurant was named, has left the building but the welcoming Giovany Loureiro, who looks Italian but actually hails from Brazil, is still holding the floor along with Anna as hostess.

Fabio and Giovany

Fabio Morganti is now heading the kitchen.  Fabio is South African born from Italian parents and has cooked in many Brisbane kitchens including Beccofino and Dell 'Ugo.

The menu is high end Italian with hardly a pasta dish in sight but with so many tempters I was forced to make K2 and V Diddy promise to share with me.

Here's what we ate-

We started with a small taste of the cured ocean trout with beetroot, horseradish and lemon oil

V Diddy made sure she did not leave even a smear of the truffle pecorino zabaglione around the asparagus

Wild boar (sourced from the Granite Belt) and cocoa ragu with toasted chestnut

Salt and pepper coasted veal cutlet with eggplant and cherry tomatoes

Broccolini with lemon and extra virgin olive oil - recommended by Giovany and delicious.

Roasted suckling pig with mustard fruit crust and borlotti beans

Pumpkin tortellini

Tiramisu with chocolate soil - not a bit left of this generous serve

Moscato poached pear - also delicious

Our wine for the night

I enjoyed the food.  The flavours were layered and well developed, the meats were tender and well cooked and the sauces too good to leave.  I was surprised that after a filling meal we were still able to eat all the desserts because they were too good to leave.  That smacks of good cooking to me.

Bottom line: High quality Italian food that deserves to be tried.
Best tip: Game nights make dining complicated for non-football goers.

Disclaimer: E,d+bK was a guest of Vio's

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