Lamb Roast at Cove, South Bank

Remember when the offer of a lamb roast was enough to make you give up dinner with Tom Cruise?

Some things sure have changed - Tom Cruise is no longer a hot date and the young, pre-Hollywood Naomi Watts who turned him down in the ad is a lot older and wiser - but a lamb roast, well that still ticks all the boxes.

If your family loves a little lamb, on their fork that is, Cove at South Bank is the place to head on Sunday nights for a roast just like Mum used to cook and a glass of wine for $25 per person.  Throw in some kick arse river views as well and you've got a great way to treat all the family.

Head chef Adam Herbert says his Sunday night roast is just like Mum used to cook, only better, and without the verbal roasting. After tasting it I'd say he's right (please don't take this to heart Mum).  The lamb was nicely pink and the roast veggies absolutely delicious.  Best of all there was no fighting over who was going to clear up.

Adam recommends following mains with another old time favourite Bread & Butter Pudding or Trifle, but expect a twist. The classic Bread & Butter Pudding gets a makeover with Ecuadorian chocolate and Sailor Jerry Rum, while the traditional Trifle is reconstructed with layers of rhubarb and ginger bread, rhubarb syllabub and ginger bread crisp. We swapped between the two and found it hard to pick a favourite, they were both delicious.

Because we were more than a little hungry after spending yet another day moving house, we dived straight into the share menu before the lamb roast arrived and enjoyed.  I particularly liked the chili jam doughnuts with the mole sauce, a wonderful way to introduce chocolate. And the oysters, plump and luscious, just how they should be.

Here's what we ate-

a couple of Coffin Bay oysters to start

Wild barramundi and preserved lemon croquettes with  a very moreish romesco sauce

Battered white anchovies, candied bacon and green olives

Chili jam doughnuts
Cove also have a pop up oyster bar every Saturday and Sunday during Santos GLNG City of Lights (Sep 8 - 22). This 12 minute light and laser extravaganza is the perfect opportunity to sip on a few cocktails and slip down a few oysters.