All I want for Christmas - a Turducken

WTF is a Turducken? 

I first heard about this Thanksgiving alternative that has long enjoyed popularity in the Deep South of the United States when a Brisbane chef mentioned it on his Christmas wish list.  He was suggesting someone else prepare it for him.

A Turducken is a chicken, stuffed inside a duck, stuffed inside a turkey – now wouldn’t that make a splash on the Christmas table – move over plain old turkey, ham legs and chicken – you’ve got competition.

If you’d like to make your own here’s a Youtube link

If, like me, you like an easier life, the good news is that Zone Fresh are making them to order following customer demand.

Zone Fresh director Sam Mangano describes it as ‘a guaranteed crowd pleaser’.

Despite the sheer volume of meat, turduckens still contain a significant amount of seasoned stuffing and dressing, so cooking time can stretch to six or seven hours depending on size.

You can braise, roast, grill or barbeque your turducken and a meat
thermometer will help you work out when the birds are well-and-truly done.

Evidently the combination of meat is just as delicious when served cold or as leftovers.

Pre-orders of turduckens are essential. For details contact Zone Fresh Windsor on 3357 5433 or
Zone Fresh Aspley on 3263 9954.