Top Five Brewsvegas Events

So you know Brewsvegas starts on Sunday?

You can't miss this one! It's a week dedicated to sharing craft beer love with 35 different venues around Brisbane putting on an event.

Making it simple for you, Ed+bK bar expert Alexander Stone has made his top five picks for the week.  Check them out and you might just see him there.  Make sure you tell him to be good to his mother.

Pony Rides at Statler & Waldorf

All week

Not an actually pony ride (although I have convinced a friend of mine there will be said ponies to ride) but rather a flight of beer from the taps at Caxton Street's only Gastronomy Pub. Grab a beer and a t-shirt to honour the occasion for only $20. There's always amazing food on offer too so I would suggest making an afternoon / evening of it.

Blues Burgers Boilermakers at Papa Jack's

Mon 24 March, 6pm, FREE

Is Monday is making you blue after the first Sunday of pony rides and general misbehaving for Brewvegas? Head in to Papa Jack's for some live blues, a burger and a Stone & Wood boiler maker for just $20. (A boiler maker is beer and a shot of whiskey for those of you non alcoholics out there).

Ca-beer-et & Cans at The Scratch

Wed 26 March, 7:30 pm, $5 on the door

Who likes beer and dens of iniquity? I do. If your answer was yes as well, come down to The Scratch for a one night only event where the bar will be taken over by some of Brisbane’s most brazen cabaret performers. Plus the boys will be pulling the last of the Mountain Goat Summer Ale for the year and unavailing the first tinies of the Mornington Peninsula Pale Ale. To quote the boys “We can hear the crumpling of empties already!”

Coffee and Craft Degustation at Brewhouse Brisbane

Sat 29 March, 2pm – 5pm, $39

Coffee and beer? Yes please. The Brewhouse is holding a degustation extrapolating the similarities of these two fine beverages I'm addicted to. Five courses, four Brewhouse beers, three guest speakers and two coffees from Rouge for $39 seems like a great afternoon to me. Contact venue prior to event to buy ticket.

Ekim Viking Party at BOSC

Sat 29 March, 6pm, FREE

VIKINGS! They'll be a pig on the spit and if you come dressed as a Viking and you could win a prize. I really hope the prize is Viking themed as well, say a horn full of ale. Sydney’s Ekim Brewing Co will take over the taps at this party to rival Valhalla. Ekim is a small brewery from Sydney's Northen beaches that only makes small batch beers so we're lucky to get a couple of kegs all the way up here. I think the Ekim website sums it up best - “Here at Ekim we like the idea of a viking-style hedonistic indulgence of our brews after a hard days work i.e. battling, plundering, pillaging... You know your average Monday to Friday...”

Alexander Stone for Ed+bK

Which ones are you going to?