Cabassi & Co, Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, Brisbane

Cream cheese on a burger? I could understand (but omit) the caramelised onions, tick yes to the grilled chicken and bacon, but cream cheese just wasn't working for me on the Cabassi & Co roll menu.

After one bite, I stand corrected. Cream cheese, where ever it was on my roll, was an admirable addition to one of life's great burgers.

Cabassi & Co is on the bottom level of the renovated and revamped Indooroopilly Shopping Centre's Gourmet Fresh precinct.  That's almost opposite the duelling Woolworths and Coles supermarkets, near the Moggill Road entrance.

Primarily a butcher specialising in high quality meat cuts, they also have a food section where you can buy rolls (read burgers) and pies. It's a great addition to an admirable food line up at the centre which includes Ole Fuego and Nantuckett

The good thing is that they are using great ingredients in their products and the flavour shines through.  The burger was full of juicy, flame-grilled chicken and thick bacon wrapped with a lightly grilled bun.  I couldn't taste cream cheese but it was a moist burger which required careful eating.  Make sure you grab plenty of serviettes for a post burger clean up.

K2 went the pie route and was extremely happy with his lot.

The downside is that it's a queue to order system that was clogged up on a busy Sunday afternoon and they don't serve coffee.  There is a good coffee shop next door but the queuing and table scrounging makes it all a bit hard.

Bottom line:  Expect to pay $12 for a roll and $7 for a pie - good prices considering the quality.
Best tip:  Avoid peak times for a more pleasant dining experience and grab a steak to take home.

Cabassi & Co

Kerry Heaney

Disclaimer:  Ed+bK paid for lunch.

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