Push a button for Real Food

It's time for a mind reset when it comes to food vending machines.

They are no longer only the bad guys dispensing sugary drinks, candy bars and packets of chips.

Vending machines have been given a makeover by All Real Food to re-emerge as a self service cafe putting healthy food at the finger tips of commuters.  Now it's all about jars carefully stacked with salads made from what the makers say is holistic, healthy food that nourishes the body.

What's really surprising is that even though it comes out of a machine, it tastes good too.  Salads that are full of colour and crunch, that taste  like they are freshly made and with a full ingredients list that's made most intriguing by what's not on the list - additives, preservatives, colours and refined sugar.

How does it work?  They put the wettest ingredients, like olives and feta, in the base and dry ingredients are at the top.  You can eat it straight from the jar or turn it out onto a plate to mix up the ingredients and dressing a little better.

Once you get the hang of how the system works, it's only a few simple button presses till your desired salad drops into the drawer below for retrieval.

The range includes salads with meat or there's a salad topper selection so you can add your choice of pulled pork, roast lamb, beef or more.  Once you are hooked on the concept, you can pick up breakfast and sweets as well.

If you don't feel good about yourself for making a healthy choice for your lunch, there are inspirational messages on the back of the jars to keep you on track.

And, of course, the ingredients and nutritional information is all included on the lid.  Paleo, dairy free and vegetarian options are all available.

The machines are restocked every day and any left over jars (I've checked and the machine is nearly empty by 5pm) is donated to food banks.

Ed+bK Rating - 4/5 stars
I've tried several different salads over a number of days and these are my salads of choice on days when I'm working in the Valley.

Bottom line:  Salad prices range between $8.50 to $12.50.  The price is reflected in the quality and flavour of the ingredients.

Best tip:  You'll find an All Real Food vending machine in the Wintergarden shopping centre and Valley Metro near the car park entrance.   The salads can also be purchased from retail outlets.  Check the website for full details.

Disclaimer:  Ed+bK received a free salad.