Monday, 29 June 2009

Coffee with best view in Brisbane - Goodwill Bridge

Last Sunday I got out early for a power walk along Southbank. There's two hour street parking in Grey Street which is so much cheaper than the rip-off all-day parking ($15 last time) in the underground car park.

We headed down towards Kangaroo Point along the Brisbane River but took a short detour on the Goodwill Bridge which connects Southbank and the Queensland University of Technology (my old stamping ground).

Half way across the bridge I found what must be Brisbane's coffee with the best view. It doesn't look too flash in the photo as this was taken in between rain showers. As I was power walking - serious stuff folks - I didn't stop to sample the coffee. However the sign said Merlo which is a recommendation in itself.

If you've tried the coffee, share your thoughts. I'm sure this must be a popular stop with city workers needing an early morning lift as they start the day.

For the rest of the world, there's a couple of benches where you can take a break, drink your coffee and watch the river action. Great way to show off the city to visitors!

Update - 1 week later..

Did the same walk today but stopped for a coffee which was good and so was the view! The coffee cart is open seven days a week from 6am till it gets quiet, which is some time late in the afternoon. It's worth the effort for the view.
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