Sing's Asian Kitchen, Rosalie, Paddington

Larb Gai
I've resisted the temptation to tell you about Sing's for quite a while.

It's my local fave and seriously busy.   I didn't want to share the love and have to wait longer to get a table next time.  Bad Kerry!

However I can't resist any longer, so here it is.

We went on Friday night to eat in. Getting a table is a bit like winning the lottery but I found an 8pm booking was a little easier to achieve.  Usually I order take aways and drive around the block while someone runs in to pick up the order.  It's not just Sing's that is busy here.  The whole Rosalie/Nash Street strip is full of restaurants where people love to dine.

Pad Thai

Nasi Goreng
I've tried many items on the menu and can't say I've often been disappointed.  The meals are exceptionally good value, packed full of what you've ordered and have that wonderful char-grilled flavour that comes from expert wok cooking.

This night's order included Larb Gai (a chicken salad with lemon juice, fish sauce, mint leaves, chilli, coriander and ground toasted rice). K2 said it was quite hot. Lee chose Nasi Goreng which didn't look anything like the ones I enjoyed in Bali, but was enjoyed by Lee.  I chose my favourite Pad Thai with prawns.  I like that they include large King prawns, not those tiny shrimps that masquerade on as prawns on some menus.

Bottom line: Sing's describe their menu as 'Thai style' so there are no pretensions to be authentic anything. Instead it's just a good, cheap feed and a great place for a quick meal.

What's your favourite meal at Sing's?

Sing's Asian Kitchen,
5 Nash Street, Rosalie Village, Paddington.

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Anonymous said...

We love Sing's. Cheap, fresh and super quick! A definate favourite is Basil Duck.. Is it wrong that I know its #80 on the menu?! Great option for a mid week dinner!

Eat, drink + be Kerry said...

Is Basil Duck hot? I'd love to add it to my list. Knowing the number is great when you call to order...

Anonymous said...

the soft shell crab is divine