Paddington Station Coffee House - Rosalie

I want it acknowledged, right here and now, that I resisted a Death by Chocolate Deluxe Milkshake made with Belgium chocolate ice cream.

I also acknowledge that this is only because I didn't see it on the menu before I ordered.

Thanks to Tash for pointing us in the direction of Paddington Station Coffee House which has replaced the Japanese eatery at 151 Baroona Road Rosalie.  That's next door to the Blue Room Cinebar for those who know the area.

I can't work out where the link to the cute train station decor comes from.  Was there a Paddington line with a stop at Rosalie that I don't know about?  Please share if you have some information.

Otherwise the interesting decor is just a fascination assembly of railway decor, and there's nothing wrong with that.  Plenty to look at while you wait for your coffee.

We popped in for a quick afternoon tea and were delighted to see shelves full of house-made goodies.  I found it hard to pick but settled on a butterfly cupcake while V Diddy chose a veggie patty from the cabinet which came with a wonderful salad.  Often veggie patties are too overspiced or laced with onion for my taste buds, but this one was deliciously flavoured and obviously house made.

The lunch menu is filled with lots of light options from sandwiches and open grills to fresh salads. It's easy to find something to fill the spot.

Open from breakfast till evening, Paddington Station also offers some delicious desserts.  Think warm chocolate brownies with chocolate sauce and cream, hot toffee or raspberry waffles, banana and chocolate hazelnut crepes or deluxe sundaes. Home style desserts done well are a wonderful find and sorely missed in this area since Freestyle Tout moved to Emporium.

Bottom line: Perfect for a simple breakfast, light lunch or dinner and don't forget to try the desserts.
Best tip:  Parking in this area can be challenging. Be prepared to walk and choose your times carefully.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry, thank you for your lovely write up on our Paddington Station Coffee house. I thought I would fill you in on the 'Station' theme. My husband and I based our theme on our version of what we believed a turn of the century First Class waiting room in 'london's Paddington Railway Station' may have looked like. These waiting rooms were very grand and since we both love memorabilia and are both British we thought this would be a fun concept. A few years ago we lived in Rosalie and felt that a real coffee shop was missing in Rosalie, we have been in the coffee shop business for 20 years, so when the opportunity arose for us to open this one in Rosalie we decided to call it Paddington station because the actual postal address for Rosalie is Paddington and it seemed a fun thing to do. I hope we see you again and next time come up to us and say Hi! thanks again. Jacqui

Theresa said...

Trams went along Baroona Rd in the deep past. Maybe that's the connection?

Kerry Heaney said...

Hi Jacqui, love the concept and happy to have a coffee shop with such a fun theme to visit. What a wonderful collection of memorabilia you have collected and displayed. You'll see me again as I now know what desserts you have on offer. Too hard to resist.

Kerry Heaney said...

Jacqui has solved the query above. You'll have to visit as enjoy the decor Therese.

Theresa said...

I do love a good decor theme.

lamingtonsundays said...

Oooh, this looks wonderful! I haven't had butterfly cakes since I was a child. Great post.

Kerry Heaney said...

Thank you - and the butterfly cake was great!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for introducing Paddington Station to us Kerry. Can't wait to try it