Full Moon Hotel, Sandgate

Sunday lunch at the Full Moon Hotel at Sandgate is beginning to become a bit of a favourite. 

Sitting on the deck overlooking the water and washing down a few wines is not hard to take. And the food doesn’t disappoint either. I had a seafood pasta combo that was delicious and my constant companion had fish and chips which he enjoyed. I pinched some of his chippies and can vouch that they were very good.

Sunday arvos at the Full Moon are extra great because there’s usually live music which certainly adds to the atmosphere. There’s plenty of seating, including some comfy lounges and the Sunday papers on offer. A good place to chill.

Don't miss Saturday arvos either. "The Deadliners" are a regular on the entertainment list and the music is great. Say hello to my mate Brian.

Bottom line:  Good pub food.
Full Moon Hotel, 118 Eagle Terrace, Sandgate. p 3869 0544

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