Chasing the fox

The Fox and Hounds is a real find for anyone with a hankering for the English homeland. (See my story in today's Sunday Mail Discover travel section.) It's as real as an English pub smack bang in the middle of the Gold Coast Hinterland can be. My true Brit companion on the day I visited said it really made her think of the pubs at home.

Creator and landlord Ian Thurston found all the gear at the Sussex Arms in Tunbridge and transported it back to Oz until he built his dream pub. One side is dedicated to an English theme while the other is Irish. And yes, you can move food and drink between the two!

I'd really like to try the Sunday Roast Lunch which stretches all day. This is popular, so book well ahead. It's hard to beat a good roast as David Pugh proved when he served the ultimate roast dinner to an esteemed list of chefs, wine makers and journalists at Restaurant II to mark the end of Masterclass. Off duty, it's simple food that chefs like best and the dinner brought out compliments all round.

Find The Fox and Hounds pub on the corner of Oxenford Tamborine Road and Elevation Drive, Wongawallan. P 5665 7582