Christmas goodies

I know it's scary, but I've just seen Christmas trees at the supermarket. Before we know it, we'll be hearing Christmas carols on loud speakers till our ear drums hurt! But the good thing about Christmas is a whole new range of goodies that we can indulge in because, of course, it's tradition and it's Christmas!

I tasted some of Judy C's Christmas creations recently and they get my thumbs up. Her chocolate rum balls are excellent, different from my family recipe which is just a well, but nicely moist and fudgey with a good hint of rum. Her fruit mince tarts are great too. Just the perfect mouthful with a cute star on top. Judy also has gingerbread houses, Christmas cup cakes, puddings and cakes. Pop into her Ashgrove store and place your orders.
Judy C ph 3366 9222.