Queensland or Australia? You decide!

Granite Belt wine makers want to know - should their wine be labelled “Granite Belt, Queensland” or, should they read “Granite Belt, Australia”? Both are legal, but what do you want?

It is a timely question as - for the first time ever – the 2008 Wine of the Year in Winestate magazine came from the Granite Belt. It beat off 10,000 all-comers from across the country, busting the myth that Queenslanders can’t make wine.

Those who push for 'Australia' on the label often say that southern opinions of Queensland wine are so entrenched that it will never take off with Queensland on the label. I'd like to think that people are not that stupid and a good wine will win out where ever it's from. I think we should be proud of producing excellent wine in Queensland and appreciate the huge steps this very young industry has taken in such a short time.

However, it's all down to the dollar for many producers and I can't blame them for taking any advantage they can get.

Have your say - If you are over 18, you can vote online at www.granitebeltwinecountry.com.au Voting closes at 1pm on Monday, March 16. Australian residents who submit their email address will go into the draw for a mixed case of wine from the Queensland wine capital – a little something with which to celebrate or commiserate the results of the state election.