Tomato magic revealed

Well the secret about who has released new products into the pizza market is well and truly out of the bag! Domino's have added new pizza varieties, fresh pasta dishes and a choc lava cake.

While my inner foodie screams wood fired pizzas only, the realist outer has succumbed to fast pizzas when the mother doesn't want to cook and no one else can be bothered. Sometimes it's necessary just to keep the hoards quiet.

I've tried several of the new varieties and found some to my liking. Starting with a thin 'n crispy crust I chose a Vege Grande. It came with baby spinach and tiny tomatoes and looked pretty good except there was way too much cheese. I will order this again with the request to hold back on the cheese. I've also tried the chicken capri and it was ok but I'm not so keen on the strange yellow pieces of meat which I think might have been cajun chicken.

The two pastas we have tried, carbonara and beef neapolitana have not been to our taste. However it is a neat idea to have them in pasta bowls and if you are trying to fill up hungry boys, could be popular.

Our first choc lava cake was delicious - warm and gooey in the middle. The chocolate, though obviously not coverture at the price, was reasonably rich. Our second lava cake on a different night was not as moist so we will be making a call on this one after number three.