Hits top 1000!

For the first time since I started this blog in May last year, my monthly hits have passed 1000! Not bad for a short month!

So what caught your fancy this month?

Top ten pages
  1. The Barracks, Petrie Terrace
  2. Raw talent calendar
  3. Australian Regional Food Guide
  4. Cheap eats
  5. Fox and Hound
  6. Tomato magic
  7. MT Brewery
  8. Couture Cupcakes
  9. Hats off to Brisbane Restaurants
  10. Chocolate heaven - Monty's Chocolates
Most of you who visit live in Australia, although this blog has caught the attention of food lovers in the US, UK, Canada and Germany (+ plus lots of others). In Australia, most visitors come from the south east corner, though Sydney folk have been checking out what's happening here quite a bit, followed by Melbourne, Perth and Canberra - where are you Adelaide, Darwin and Hobart?

During February you browsed at least two pages a visit and spent, on average, 1.3o minutes on the site each time. 84 of you have visited my site more than 100 times (it's ok - I don't know who you are!)

Thanks for visiting and a special thank you to those who have left comments. It's great to get feedback!