Winter pears and cheese

Love these suggestions for combining pears and cheese in the cheese matters newsletter.

  • The yellow-coloured Williams pear works well with blue cheese, but you also can try a sweet brown Beurre Bosc pear with Vintage Cheddar, a juicy Triumph with Camembert or the delicate Red Anjou pear with Brie.
  • Roast pears in a little butter for 20 minutes and serve as an accompaniment to blue cheeses.
  • Layer thin slices of pear, smoked chicken and Vintage Cheddar Cheese onto a puff pastry sheet and bake until golden. Serve topped with rocket.
  • Try a salad of baby spinach with chargrilled bacon, chargrilled pear wedges, Goat's Cheese and toasted walnuts with a light lemony dressing.
  • Poach pears in Sauternes dessert wine and serve with Mascarpone and crushed toffeed almonds.
There's also a recipe for proscuitto pears with parmesan waffers which would make a great light entree.