Brisbane Food Blogs

I've decided to make a list of Brisbane food blogs just because I can. These are blogs that mainly talk about food in Brisbane. If you are not on the list and want to be, leave your details below.

A word of warning - If you are a PR and want to use this list to contact Brisbane Food Bloggers remember to follow a few rules. If you are a blogger and don't want to be on this list because you don't want PRs to contact you - just say!

  • Read the blog before you contact the blogger. Blogging is a highly personal pastime and not everyone will welcome your intrusion.
  • Ask first - ask if a blogger would like to know about your restaurant, product or event
  • Establish relationships
  • Remember few bloggers are paid so they don't want to spend money to blog things in which they are not interested. This includes parking in the city to attend events of doubtful interest. Think people!
  • Don't expect a blogger to always be complimentary, blogging is all about having an opinion.

This list is in no particular order

Eat, drink and be Kerry - of course. Where to eat, what to drink, where to go in Queensland. I like blogging almost more than chocolate! Writer, editor and publicist

Foodbling - food, wine and travel - who needs anything else?

Rhubarbwine- Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb. Would you like a whine with that?

Eating Brisbane - Welcome to my challenge - eating in all the Brisbane restaurants all 276! Join me!

Snack Queen- searching for the perfect snack, in the perfect perch with a heavenly drop . aaahhh you gotta love it.

Natascha Mirosch - Food Reporter@The Courier Mail newspaper in Brisbane.

Wendy Hall - Foodie Girlie and City News blog

Martin Duncan, Freestyle Tout

Cakes by Judy C

Mark and Narelle Tognini, Tognini's Deli

Kassie Strano The Dining Quarter - I live in Brisbane and dearly miss travelling the world, love escaping and indulging in great food and wine.

David Costello (food fossicker) Foreign editor Courier-Mail, Fossicking columinist, daggy family guy

Marilyn Domenech, Tasty Bites

Belly Good - mixture of Brisbane, Melbourne Sydney postings

New Brisbane - Brisbane night life

Life at the Tuna Ranch - Musings about various cooking and coding (mis)adventures.

Just a girl blogging about food

Barbara is on the Gold Coast but talks about Brisbane food

Brisbane Budget Bites - Writer, publisher, eater determined to discover Brisbane's multicultural eateries for under $20

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