New Trad British Fish & Chip Shop on Brisbane Bayside

They are billing it as the most southerly, truly authentic, British Fish & Chip shop in the world and it’s due to open in October on Brisbane’s bayside just two minutes from the sea front.

The owners of Chumley Warner's Traditional British Fish & Chip Shop say they will be the only people in the whole of Australia selling North Atlantic Cod, Haddock, Plaice and Scampi.

All their key ingredients will be brought in from the UK including the batter mix, mushy peas, curry sauce and gravy. The chips will be fresh cut chip and the frying range has been made in Birmingham and is being shipped as their preferred style doesn't currently exist in Australia.

The café has seating for 30 and offers a range of traditional British foods including Chunky Steak & Guinness Pie, Cheese & Onion Pattie, Battered Sausage, Battered Haggis, Battered White Pudding, Battered Black Pudding and Cornish Pasties. All the sausages, pies, pasties, haggis, black and white pudding are handmade by artisan British Craftsmen to traditional British recipes.

You can add a dash of Daddies Tomato Sauce, Daddies Brown Sauce or Chip Shop Vinegar. Finish off with a Deep Fried British Mars Bar. The calorie count is scary.

Chumley Warner's Traditional British Fish Chips.
Aquatic Paradise Centre
Shop 8, 190 Birkdale Road Birkdale, 3822 7787