Best burgers - Beastie Burgers

It should come as no surprise when I reveal I'm particularly fond of a good burger.  A much under rated meal, a burger will do it for me on many occasions.

Beastie Burgers at South Bank is a good example of the perfect place to get your fix.  It was recommended to me by David Pugh, chef and owner of Restaurant II and Queensland Chef of the Year, a man who obviously knows his food. Earlier this year, when I asked him for a list of good cheap eats, David included Beastie Burgers.

The surprise is that one of Brisbane's best pastry chefs, the talented and extremely amusing Caroline Jones, also works here.  But don't expect to find any of her delicious pastries, Caroline is very much in charge of the burger side of things here.  (You can tap into her knowledge at her occasional cooking classes at Executive Chef)

The amusing menu includes 14 burgers priced from $11.50 to $16.  The two most expensive burgers include a hefty piece of fish - Whistler with chermoula grilled salmon, lettuce, salad onion, bacon, tomato relish and avocado and Cane Cutter with  grilled barramundi, tomato relish, pesto, lettuce, onion and tartare sauce.

On Caroline's recommendation we tried a demure Swiss Miss $11.50, a flame grilled beef burger which came with lettuce, gherkin, gruyere cheese, tomato relish and home made mayo. The crisp grilled bun and burger were just as I like them and the mayo was delish dripping through and mixing up the other ingredients.  A winner.

Next on my list is a Finger Stainer $13.50 which included steak, beetroot, lettuce, fried egg, tomato, bacon and aioli.  And the name alone - American in Noosa - will mean I have to try this combo - flame grilled burger, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato relish and Kenilworth cheddar $11.50.

The sides Handcut chips with aioli and aged balsamic and Onion rings with aioli - both $4 - were too hard to resist. Crisp and crunchy, they were the perfect addition. Add a beer and  glass of wine and the night was perfect.

Find Beastie Burgers in Little Grey Street at South Bank in the Woolloongabba end.