Search for the perfect cupcake - make your own

I've got a couple of cupcake suggestions for Halloween which is on October 31.  Yes, I know this is an American custom and probably should be avoided, but anything that involves sweets and means we can decorate cupcakes can't be all bad so I going with it.

First are some werewolf cupcakes made and decorated by my beautiful daughter.  She got the idea of Annie's Eats a website that has lots of great recipes.  Each cupcake took quite a while to make and she ran out of energy after making four!  But they sure tasted good and it was only a packet cake mix.

I've also found these sea monster cupcakes which also look fabulous.

Finally some home decorated cupcakes from the girls at Mi Color at Paddington. They held a Pink Ribbon fundraising morning where everyone was invited to enjoy cupcakes and coffee.