Search for the perfect cupcake - Oliver & Co

I first stumbled across these cupcakes when investigating Jimbour Wine's new city cellar door which also is housed in the Oliver & Co premises.

Oliver & Co is a great foodie find. There's plenty of parking underneath (how rare is that in South Brisbane?) and the store is filled with all the sorts of goodies you might need for a great meal - lamb roasts marinated in native mint (got to check that out further), pre cooked duck breasts, a nice selection of quality fruit and veg, pantry staples and gourmet treats.  Just about anything you could want really.  There's also a row of old fashioned lolly jars where I found sour ears (don't ask) which my little boy likes.  I got both kiddies a lolly bag.

Food options are extensive and I saw a good range of pizzas on the menu but my mission was cupcakes and coffee, a very necessary refuel after a big Melbourne Cup day (thank you Kimberley and the Brisbane Hilton).

The cupcakes here are made by Lulu, according to the very helpful and pleasant counter staff. She lives at West End and makes for a couple of outlets, they told me. They are well priced at $3 each.

Although they all looked very visually appealing, we just choose three to try. Rose, lavender and choc mint.

The rose had a delightful piece of turkish delight on the top and a lightly flavoured rose icing on a plain butter cake.  I would have liked a little more flavour in the icing and something more in the cake.

The lavender cupcake was strangely appealing with its lavender coloured icing topped by a red cherry.  The icing flavour was stronger but the cupcake still a plain butter cake.

The choc mint cupcake had nice crunchy bits in the icing which had a pleasant milk chocolate flavour. The same choc flavour was also in the cake.

Bottom line:  I liked these cupcakes but there was no surprise factor which I've come to expect in a great cupcake.

Find Oliver and Co at 104 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane. +61 7 386 5342