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Is your mouth watering at the idea of an almost endless supply of premium hot chocolate at your fingertips?

Developed by hot chocolate enthusiasts Chris and Sarah Appleford, Hot Choccy is a flavoured chocolate powder with milk, dark, orange, strawberry, caramel, lemon and cappuccino flavours.

What makes it different is that Hot Choccy combines healthy ingredients such as 100 percent organic, Fairtrade cacao and 100 percent pure, organic Stevia extract, with delicious pure, Fairtrade Belgian couverture chocolate that is 100 percent sustainably grown.

Company owner and founder Chris Appleford was made redundant from his full-time job in the Communications industry, but rather than be disconsolate with the situation, he saw an opportunity.

“I used my circumstances to do something that I’d always wanted to do, own my own business,” said Chris.

“I love hot chocolate, so I thought why not start my own drinking chocolate powder company? It was a risk given my wife and I had just had our first baby, but I couldn’t resist the chance to do it.

“I needed to find a gap in the market to really have an impact. So after a lot of research I found there were very few flavoured chocolate powders available, and none how we wanted to produce it.

“So with the help of my wife Sarah, we sourced all of the ingredients and packaging from various distributors, did a lot of fun testing, and came up with Hot Choccy.

“Sarah even did all of the design work on the packaging, and shot and edited the photos  on the website. If there’s one thing everyone we talk to about Hot Choccy comments on before they try it, it’s how great the product looks.”

Hot Choccy’s philosophy is all about getting the balance right, both in life and the chocolate powder it creates.

“I think Sarah and I do a really good job of striking a healthy work / life balance, and we wanted to bring that philosophy to Hot Choccy,” said Mr Appleford.

“We don’t claim to be a healthy chocolate powder, but we use as many healthy ingredients as possible, while also ensuring it tastes delicious.

“Our cacao is sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, and low GI, while the Stevia is natural with no carbs and no calories."

Stevia is a small green plant, originally from Paraguay, with leaves that have an incredibly sweet taste 200-300 times more powerful than sugar. The leaves are remarkably nutritious and contain a variety of healthy vitamins and minerals. What makes Stevia even more amazing is it has zero calories, so you can consume it without raising blood sugar levels, making it perfect for people trying to lose weight or have diabetes.

“The pure Belgian chocolate makes it taste incredible, and the chocolate and cacao are Fairtrade certified which is in line with the philosophy of our company.”

Hot Choccy comes in seven different flavours (milk, dark, orange, strawberry, caramel, lemon and cappuccino) in three different packages - 70g and 250g bags, and a 100g jar.

Hot Choccy can be purchased online at

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