Cup-a-cake, Chermside

Wandering through Westfield at Chermside on a particularly fruitless shopping trip, I stumbled on Cup-a-cake down in the food court near the David Jones end. Note to Westfield Chermside management - your mall music is too loud and just plain narsty.

Cup-a-cake is a  typical shopping centre set up with an open kiosk in the centre surrounded by tables.  You select your cupcakes from the display cabinet and coffee is brought over.

The display cabinet was filled with highly decorated cupcakes - check out the website and you can see many of them. We chose two - Strawberry Shortcake and a Mar Bar inspired creation.

Strawberry Shortcake is described on their website as - A scrumptiously light vanilla sponge with homemade strawberry preserve, more strawberries on top and fresh cream. Actually it wasn't a light sponge but more buttercake in texture but it did have a nice stash of jam inside.

The mars bar cupcake had a mini mars bar incorporated into the icing and a dense chocolate cake on the bottom.

I usually find when the decoration on a cupcake is extreme the cake itself is just ordinary.  These cakes were reasonably flavoured but not competition winners. The icing was, again, reasonable but not outstanding. They both suffered from coming straight out of a cold cabinet and onto the plate. They didn't taste fresh baked either.

The cupcakes were priced at $3.50.  The coffee is Di Bella and was served spilt in the saucer with no offer to clean it or a napkin. A smile might have been nice as well. Sigh.

Bottom line - I wouldn't be going back for these.

Cup-a-cake, Westfield Chermside. 3359 2260