Search for the perfect cupcake - Valentines Day

Well there seems to be a strong connection between cupcakes and Valentines Day and several cupcake makers have come up with some irresistible selections for friends and lovers. They make a great way to show affection between lovers and also as a gift for friends to show you care.

Take the time with your lover or loved ones to stop for a cuppa and a cupcake on Sunday, or any day of the week, and enjoy the sweet yummyness of a cupcake. Life is good!

Here are some top suggestions -

Milkbar at Ashgrove has delightful vanilla cupcakes with pink love hearts on the top - noice! And they have mini cupcakes if you just want one bite.

Couture Cupcakes at Bardon has a selection of chocolate cupcakes with red and white icing. They are open this Sunday and each cupcake comes with a mini cupcake as well!

Vanilla Pod at Ascot has a Red Velvet Sponge that's larger than a cupcake but it's so delicious I couldn't resist mentioning it.  The top layer is red velvet cake, the middle is chocolate cream and the bottom is chocolate mud cake.  Covering it all is the most delightful raspberry cream cheese icing.  It's to die for - really!  They can also put a message on the cake. Oh - and it's heart shaped!

Cakes by Judy C at Ashgrove has some wonderful heart-shaped spicy biscuits available plain - so you can use them in your own dessert at I did, or inscribed with messages of lurve.

If you see other Valentines cupcakes around town, do let me know!