Village Markets, Kelvin Grove


These markets have been on my list for a long time and a bright, hot typical Brisbane Saturday provided a perfect opportunity to try them out.

The stalls line either side of Blamey Street in Kelvin Grove and run for quite a distance up the street.  This area is home to a large student population as it's close to the Kelvin Grove campus of QUT.

It's a real mix of offerings - from prime Angus beef to flowers and freshly baked bread.  The only stall I don't recall seeing is a fish monger.


There were many stalls selling fresh fruit and vegetables.  Judging by the wide selection of fruit and veg some of them carried, they weren't owner producers, but the quality was good as was the pricing.  These new season Gala apples were good and crunchy.

I was impressed by this egg display but ended up buying elsewhere because I missed it on the way back.  Next time I'll try harder.

These mushroom packs caught my eye as well. 

I love this sign 'Grown to classical music and pollinated by native bees'. The grower comes from Mullimbimby which explains some of it.  He spent some time telling us about the merits of his black russian tomatoes which are not commercially available because they ripen too quickly.  We bought a few and had them with turkish bread from the woodfired bread stall and some persian fetta.  YUM!

A picture tells a thousand words when it comes to markets so I'll let you browse through a few more stalls.  The markets are open from 6am to 1pm (they seemed to shut up earlier - around 11.30 on our visit), every Saturday.

You could have a cup of coffee from one of the stall holders or take the weight off your feet at Boys House of Coffee on the corner.  During our visit they also appeared to be shutting up early (11.30am) and the selection of goods on offer was very limited. The staff also were not going to let serving customers interfere with their rampant store social life. Cool it boys or you'll loose customers.