Darling Downs degustation at Bretts Wharf, Hamilton

The Darling Downs and the Gatton area in particular are a wonderful source of fresh produce for not only Brisbane, but the whole of Australia.

The rich soils of area result in amazing produce including award winning organic vegetables produced by Rob Bauer and Trudy Townson and Bauer Organics.

A champion of local produce, Bretts Wharf Executive Chef Alastair McLeod has been holding a series of produce dinners showcasing local products from the Sunshine Coast and Granite Belt.  This time it was the Darling Downs turn.

"When you consider the contents of the average shopping trolley has travelled over 70,000 km - that's two Jessica Watson trips - consideration for whence our produce comes has to be a factor," Alastair said.
Alastair’s menu was reflective of the cooler weather and along with Rob Bauer’s organic vegetables from Gatton it featured Ken Orange’s Banyard Quail from Pittsworth and Mark Ladner’s Gooralie Pork from Goondiwindi


- Starter V8 Juice with black cabbage

This was a last minute addition to the menu inspired by a Alastair's recent trip to Blue Hills at Stone Barns in New York State. It's made using Rob Bauer's organic vegetables. Served bubbling with dry ice like a witch's cauldron, the saltiness of the dried spinach was a sharp contrast to the sweet juice.

- Organic pork terrine, crackling, apple remoulade, purslane

- Wine match: fox gordon abby viognier 08


- Broccoli soup, yabbie tortellini, potato espuma, dandelion

- Wine match: leewin estate siblings sauvignon blanc semillon 09


- Quail in vine leaf, ‘coleslaw’, tomato and basil dressing

- Wine match: logan chardonnay 07

- 24h wagyu, horseradish and mustard crust, sweetcorn puree, smoked calves tongue
-Wine match: yangarra estate old vine grenache 07

- Candied organic tomato with 12 flavours, chocolate soil, anise ice cream

- Wine match: Frogmore iced Riesling 07


To find out about the next in the series of Alastair’s regional produce dinners just join the free subscription on their website – www.brettswharf.com.au

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