Dessert with passion

It's got to be the quickest dessert I've ever seen - and it's almost guilt free!

It only took a second for Tina McPherson to cut the top of one of her huge passionfruits. I scooped out a little of the juice as instructed and Tina poured in a good slurp of Cointreau.

The hint of orange was a great complement to the sweet and juicy passionfruit. Delish!  This is one thing I'm definitely trying at home if I can beat the possums to the passionfruit growing in my backyard.

Bruce and Tina McPherson started growing strawberries six years ago on their farm near Bundaberg with the aim of producing strawberries with exquisite flavour.  It was too early in the season to taste their strawberries but the passionfruit they grow near Childers with the same aim certainly hit the mark.

The McPhersons were just one of the exhibitors at the recent Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation's Queensland Grown Winter Produce Showcase.

Kaye Nunnan from DEEDI did the taste test sans Cointreau!