Jimbaran, Bali

I've just spend the best part of the last hour working out how I could recreate the same relaxed tropical ambiance I'm experiencing back at home.

My conclusion - I've decided it would be much easier just to come back here to Jimbaran Puri Bali.

I'm staying in one of the resort's villas hidden behind a Balanese style gated entry and it's almost a small house.  There's the large edgeless pool with fountain and outdoor decking area complete with a gazebo for lounging.  Inside the air conditioned comfort there's a lounge room, dining room, bedroom and larger than I expected bathroom with a plunge bath and indoor and outdoor showers. And it's all so private with a big 'do not disturb' button so we can be as relaxed as we want to. It's a dream stay!

I can also see the advantages of the beachfront cottages which have direct access to Jimbaran Bay Beach.

The food here is very good with a wide selection of tropical fruits in the breakfast buffet and in the room.  I've been feasting on snakefruit, mangosteen, pomelo, tiny sweet bananas, jackfruit, deep red papaya, yellow watermelon, duku, passionfruit. My favourite new taste is the deliciously crisp and crunchy like an apple snakefruit which has a refreshing astringent taste. I love the texture of its skin which peels so easily and looks just like snake skin!

At night the beach side dining is magical with twinkling lights and the sound of the surf rolling into the shore. The restaurant has a wide selection of local fish and we have dined on mahi mahi and butter fish which probably came fresh off the legion of fishing boats I can see in the bay as I swim.

Jimaran Puri Bali is an Orient-Express Hotel. Despite the luxury, this is a no fuss destination with an emphasis on simple enjoyment of the beautiful surroundings. It is a wonderful slice of Bali which has the charm that has been lost in the more developed areas of Kuta and Legian.

Jimbaran Puri Bali, Jalan Uluwatu, Jimbaran.

Disclaimer: E,d+bK travelled to Bali courtesy of Virgin Airlines and stayed as a guest of Orient Express.

This beautiful pathway leads to our villa