Bali Grill, Rosalie

With the aroma of clove cigarettes lingering in my nostrils and the jangle of the gamelan still playing in my brain, we ventured down to Bali Grill at Rosalie.

The goal was to recapture some of the Bali spirit from our recent holiday and share the love with friends.

I was in charge of booking and as we walked towards the entrance I suddenly realised I hadn't made that call! Eek and sorry Honey!  The restaurant looked full as we rocked up at 7pm and I thought my hopes might be dashed but they found us a table, and a nice one at that.

The diners were a mix of family groups, friends having dinner and couples.  I watched eagerly as plates were delivered and the food looked fresh and well presented.

Although the decor at Bali Grill is pleasant, it doesn't reek Balinese to me and it's a bit like that with the menu as well.

Checking the menu I found several meals I wanted to try and cocktails we had enjoyed as sunset drinks in Bali.  I was saving the Bintang for later.

The menu focuses on South East Asian flavours and promises low fat, healthy meals that you won't have to feel guilty about. We chose from their East meets West section - char-grilled Tropical duck with an orange and lime sauce, healthy crispy Ma Ma chicken marinated in soy sauce and chilli (no skin) with a rendong pepper sauce served on the side and a Pork Stir fry. I also ordered a small Nasi Goreng - Indonesian fried rice - thinking it would be a good side dish.

The chicken was the most flavoursome of all dishes and nicely char-grilled.  The duck, a hard one to cook, was a little tough and the pork was a very mild dish, although as described on the menu. I'm still a little unsure about the combination of fruit, vegetables and meat. Granted it was very decorative and healthy but fruit salad (watermelon, orange, honeydew, kiwi fruit and more) with my vegetables and main does not sit well with me.

I quite liked the two balls of potato that came with every dish. They had a touch of coconut which was unusual but one companion was not so impressed - hard to please all.

We definitely didn't need the side dish of Nasi Goreng and it would be nice to also have the option to share dishes which does not seem available with the current menu. Yet the meat portions were large and the dishes filling without weighing you down - exactly as promised.

This was a pleasant night and we were amongst the last to leave, chattering about life since last time we had met up.

Bottom line:  Not a blast from the Bali past but pleasant food, especially suitable for picky eaters, those on a healthy diet or family dining.  It's also on the expensive side for what it is, with most dishes around the $30 range.

Bali Grill, 164 Baroona Road, Rosalie. (07) 3369 0877 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (07) 3369 0877 

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