Clubbed out - a history of Brisbane nightclubs 1950 to 2000

Do names such as Hot Gossip, Lexington Queen, Café Neon, Transformers, Metropolis, The Beat, Tracks, Rogue International, Rosies, Alice’s Rock Café, City Rowers or Sibyls conjure up memories of your best nights out?

Clubbed Out: A History of Brisbane Nightclubs 1950 to 2000 is a contemporary history project set to span the next four years and include roadshows, tours, forums and events and then culminate in a major social history exhibition in 2013 and a published book.

Clubbed Out will be launched tomorrow night (6pm, Thursday, 7 October) as the search begins for the memorabilia, stories and photographs that will piece together a social history of Brisbane’s favourite nightclub haunts. Find out more at