And the winner is...

Three master chefs...
15 cupcakes...
a huge assortment of lollies, nuts, sprinkles and icing..
and 10 minutes to decorate.

The rules were clear at the Sunbeam Academy cupcake decorating competition, Brisbane Good Food and Wine Show, held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from November 5 - 7.

Each chef was issued with cupcake decorating equipment, ingredients and cupcakes - no secret weapons were allowed. Chefs had to stay behind their benches at all times but friendly sabotage was encouraged. Bribes were allowed at the judges' discretion.

In the firing line were Manu Feidel, Matt Moran and George Calombaris.

The judges were Dominique Rizzo, Emily Jade O'Keeffe, Lizzie Loel, Briana Cicchelli, Angela Muscat and yours truly.

And the result - well you can see for yourself!