In season this week - Nov 30

It’s been the longest season for strawberries for many years with Stanthorpe, South Australian, Victorian, Western Australian and even New Zealand fruit on the shelves.

The cooler weather has slowed the influx of stonefruit, with prices on the best fruit remaining firm, while the smaller, less durable fruit is cheap. Watch out for tasty white nectarines and the first of the apricots.

Larger volumes of lychees hitting the shelves have reduced their price from last week but not their quality.

Rockmelons are in medium supply but are varied in quality, and seedless watermelons are scarce, expensive but of good quality.

Mangoes, including Kensington pride (Bowen) and R2E2 varieties are also in short supply and their quality has dropped.

Papaws remain the pick of the crop.  Figs are dearer and the first of the Australian cherries have arrived but are expensive.

Oranges are almost finished for the season with Valencia remaining the best taste. Lemons are still expensive but limes are reasonable, and could be used as an alternative to lemons.

Potatoes are still scarce due to recent rains and although their prices have risen, sweet potatoes are available and medium priced.

Corn and beans are cheap while pumpkin, zucchini and capsicums are scarce and expensive.

Cauliflower is in short supply and broccoli is of medium supply, quality and price.

In the salad lines, look for Australian avocados over the early season New Zealand variety.

Most tomato varieties are up in price with the truss tomatoes the best value.

Cucumbers and lettuce are well supplied and cheap.