Amazing Thai, Gaythorne

I realised I was in for some worthwhile food at Amazing Thai when I turned around an looked at the length of the takeaway queue behind me.

Good friends Mike and Zelma introduced us to this suburban restaurant where they are known both by name and by the dishes they usually order.

It's certainly found a place in their hearts and in the hearts and stomachs of many locals judging by the eager patrons lining up for their takeaways.

There were plenty of contented sighs amongst our group of six by the end of the meal, even though the dishes were not completely cleared.  Here's what we enjoyed -

Money bags

Satay Chicken

Mixed entree with chicken satay, curry puff, spring roll and fish cake

Pad Med-Ma-Muang with chicken

Sweet and sour fish

Yum beef salad

Amazing Thai Restaurant
Cnr Samford and Gaythorne Roads, Gaythorne. p 3855 1334.