Baroque, The Rocks, Sydney

There's just something about Sydney Harbour on a sunny day! Blue skies, blue water, the glistening steel of the Harbour Bridge above and the rough stone walls of of the heritage buildings lining the foreshore.

Staying at near The Rocks made a breakfast excursion there super simple and we settled at Baroque at the end of George Street without a second glance. 

Baroque is a bistro and patisserie so we left with a selection of macarons that delighted those back in Brisbane and were a welcome after dinner treat. They are handmade on-site in an open plan pastry kitchen and priced at $2.50 each, with boxes of 4, 6, 12, 24 or more available to take away.  Our fav flavours were salted caramel, rose water and passionfruit chocolate. You can spend a day in their patisserie kitchen, learning the recipes, tips and techniques from the creators of Baroque’s macarons - Pierre Gobert and Jean Michel Raynaud.

The Baroque menu includes classic French bistro dishes. Our choices were Porcini eggs en cocotte with toasted baguette ($15) (above) , granola, yoghurt, fresh fruit ($12) and Croque Monsieur ($13).

The coffee here was particularly good and we ended up having several cups.

Bottom line: Great breakfast option at The Rocks and don't forget the macarons!
Baroque, 88 George Street, The Rocks.+61 2 924111