Japanese cupcakes - 2in1 Japanese Bakery

Braving the post Christmas crowds, we piled into the car and stalked shoppers exiting Indooroopilly Shoppingtown searching for a park.

Our strategy paid off in a surprisingly short time and eager for a bargain we headed into the bowels of the shopping centre.  First stop was Howard's Storage World for items for V Diddy's impending overseas jaunt but my eyes lit up when I spied the 2in1 Japanese Bakery just outside.

What a wonderment of cakes and pastries.  And, oh bliss, the discovery of Japanese cupcakes!

I was sorely tempted to purchase one of just about everything on display just to see what they tasted like but sanity prevailed and I stayed true to my cause with just cupcakes.  There were three varieties - plain, chocolate and green tea - all priced at a very reasonable $2.40 each. We started eating the cupcakes by tearing off the wrapper - wrong! As we discovered, they are meant to be eaten from the container.  Inside is a yummy mouse filling which has much of the flavour. The chocolate and green tea flavours were both mild but pleasing.

Oh, the coffee is Aromas and good - $2.50 for a large paper takeaway.

My twitter pals tell me there are two other stores -  Post Office Square and Edward Street opposite Queens Plaza.

Love to know if you have tried some of the other pastries and cakes. I'm desperate to try the puffer fish cake!

2in1Japanese Bakery, top floor Indooroopilly Shoppingtown, outside Howard's Storage World.

Bottom line: Novelty factor rules here but limited taste test (cupcakes) was good enough for me to want to try more. Plus you just can't beat these for weird value!