The Meating Place Cafe, Paddington, Brisbane

The Meat-ting Place on the lower level of Paddington Central Shopping Centre has built a solid following of customers who appreciate their quality organic produce.

Now they have branched out in Paddington with a cafe/deli and organic food store, The Meat-ting Place Cafe, offering a range of fruit and veg, condiments and cold goods and a cabinet filled full of cafe goodies.

We sampled their salad bowl ($6.50) and ham sandwich ($8.75) and were pleased with the results. The salad was fresh and full of lively ingredients while the ham in the sandwich was good quality for the reasonable price.

Even the coffee ($3.60) is organic.

While the shelves still are a little empty (we were there on the opening day), this cafe holds plenty of promise and is a welcome addition to the Paddington scene. Long may she prosper!

Bottom line: Handy spot to pick up a wide range of organic goods.

The Meat-ting Place Cafe, Paddington Central, 107 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington. 3367 8813