In season this week - Feb 15

Here's the latest report from the Brisbane Produce Market.

Watch out for the new season achacha, a reddish-orange, egg-shaped fruit, grown in the Burdekin that is a taste balance between sweet and tart, with a delicate sorbet finish. They keep for weeks in the refrigerator and can also be frozen.

Bananas have tightened in price after Cyclone Yasi, as have papaws and mangoes but their shelf life can be extended by wrapping them in a towel and placing them in the refrigerator.

New season apples are crunchy at this time of year with pink lady, the sweet royal gala and the not-as red Summer delicious varieties to try.

The quality of vegetables has improved this week with plenty of choice still on the greengrocer’s shelves but be prepared for firm prices on some family favourites.

Cauliflowers, broccoli, cabbages and potatoes are still tight in supply but they have improved in quality and should eat well if not kept for too long.

Pumpkin is out of season but there are more carrot choices with Dutch (orange), yellow and wild (purple) varieties to try.

Onions from South Australia and Tasmania have held their quality. Beans have improved with the best found at a higher price. Capsicum and corn are showing more consistency in their size, and although a little ugly, should eat well.

There are more tomato varieties with cherry, grape, yellow and mixed packs on the shelves at a firm price. Truss and hydroponic varieties are the best eating and value.

Salad lines such as lettuce and cucumber are improving but should not be stored for long while mixed leaf is still struggling to maintain its quality if stored.

Australian valencias are small in size. US navels are sweeter and more consistent in their eating,

Top quality seedless watermelons and slightly pale rockmelons are available along with good quality grape varieties including muscat, crimson seedless and Menindee seedless.

Figs are still plentiful.