Tabitha's Place, Portside, Hamilton

Always on the hunt for a good cupcake, I took the opportunity presented by an unscheduled stop at Portside on Sunday to check out Tabitha's Place.

I've sampled Tabitha's cupcakes previously when they were a regular stall holder at the monthly Portside Markets but not had the chance to check out the shop.

It's located close to the street end of Portside, next to the IGA, and has a range of biscuits and some rocky road.  They also serve coffee and offer a place to sit or, if you have pre booked, a high tea.

There's even a chocolate indulgence package for two priced at $70 which would be fabulous but beyond my ability to consume!

I walked out with two cupcakes ($4.50) Chocolate Mud with Chocolate Ganache and Raspberry & White Chocolate Mud with White Chocolate Fondant.  The chocolate one was a very moist and full flavoured mud cake with a smooth, creamy textured icing. The raspberry cupcake was equally as good with raspberries dotted throughout and an intense raspberry flavour.  They were both extremely fresh and moist with just baked goodness jumping out of them.

Tabitha's say on their website that they bake from scratch without using packet mixes and it shows in their products.

The flavour range is not extensive but if the others are as fresh and flavorsome as these you can't really go wrong. And there's a lot of care and style in the decoration which makes them a visual as well as gourmet pleasure.

Bottom line - good cupcakes worth trying.

Tabitha's Place
Portside Wharf- 39 Hercules Street Hamilton