In season this week - March 29

Brisbane Produce Market fresh produce report

Autumn is a great opportunity to sample some different fruits, such as quality figs and persimmons and new variety plums that are replacing the last of the white and yellow peaches and nectarines on the shelves.

Pears and apples are of excellent quality and are well priced. Granny Smith apples are tasting better and join varieties such as the waxy red Jonathon, soft red delicious and the sweet and crunchy royal gala.

Grapes are also in full season with crimson, Thompson and black America varieties available although black muscat table grapes are coming to the end of their season.

Watermelons have dropped in quality and are cutting pale. Rockmelons are still good eating but expect to pay more for them this week.

Limes and lemons are plentiful but Australian valencia oranges are still struggling to maintain quality with the best eating being US navel oranges.

Bananas are expensive, passionfruit are scarce and while there are some papaws available, they are of inconsistent quality. Rosellas, which are great for making desserts and jams, are available but are expected to be in short supply all season.

Choose wisely when selecting beans, cauliflower and celery and be prepared to pay more for quality. Broccoli is improving in quality and there is more corn available this week although prices will be firm.

Carrots are eating well. Potatoes will increase in price this week and be prepared for marks, peeling and yellowing on the white varieties and inconsistent sizing for the reds. There are plenty of onions with the brown varieties the pick.

There are plenty of tomatoes but choose wisely, with some varieties still weather affected, including romas which are a day-to-day proposition in finding quality.

Lettuce and mixed leaf has improved but has a limited storage life. Cucumbers are well priced and consistent in size and eating. Watch for specials on shepard avocados.