The Euro, Brisbane CBD

It should come as no surprise that dining at The Euro is an exceptionally rewarding culinary experience.

With Queensland’s Brisbane Times Chef of the Year, Alejandro Cancino (pictured above), at the helm the food is both comforting and innovative. Alejandro has taken Brisbane’s palates by storm with his twists and unexpected flavour combinations.

The Euro’s new autumn menu is peppered with favourites such as grilled prawns, pan fried salmon and braised pork shoulder but the dish that arrives is nothing like you’ve tried before.

Who would have thought that eucalyptus ice cream could taste so good, but under Alejandro’s deft hand it was a delight.

We started with an interesting amuse bouche of scallop featuring a new product Alejandro has sourced from the Sunshine Coast. A form of seaweed, the small seeds of the sea added a salty punch and crunch to the mouthful. Even K2, a non-seafood lover, enjoyed the contrasting flavours and mouth feel.

Rich blue cheese fritters with creamy centres resting on a  bed of green with the crunch of walnuts – that was my entrĂ©e. K2, turned by his seaweed outing into a seafood lover for one night only, was wowed by the char grilled prawns with red onion, black garlic puree and a smidgen of sweetness from young sweet corn.

Wondering what a malt sauce might taste like, I was tempted by the braised Bangalow pork shoulder with white bean cassoulet, but not even I can eat a meal designed for two.

I also was intrigued by the idea of the Queensland guava slaw with Cabassi wagyu Cotoletta but K2 got there first.

His description “The wagyu came out looking like a son of a schnitzel but tasted like schnitzel on steroids, with a light crunchy coating over the tender beef. The salad was surprisingly refreshing and unusual.”

The fennel and wasabi bure blanc dribbled over my creamy salmon with crisp skin was a perfect foil to the rich flavours.

How could we resist dessert after such outstanding mains?  I was tempted by cinnamon spiced doughnuts with an earl grey chocolate sauce but Andy mentioned eucalyptus ice cream and I was transported to foodie heaven by the concept.

Every time I smell eucalyptus from now onwards I will think of that ice cream.  It will make cleaning the house a much more pleasant experience!

You’ll find the Euro, a European-inspired brasserie, next to its sister Urbane behind a simple door on Mary Street.

Look for a laser cut metal entrance screen and overlapping panels of green and pink glass which create a vibrant orange glow at the entry.

Less formal than Urbane, The Euro delivers more relaxed dining with a good range of dishes on offer. Up the stairs is the Laneway bar for before and after relaxation.

The Euro

Bottom line: The Euro received one Hat from the Brisbane Times Good Food Guide
Best tip: This is the place to let go of your preconceptions and try something new. Check out their great value lunch specials.

Kerry Heaney

Disclaimer: Ed+bK and partner were guests of The Euro.