Take a wild boat ride and explore the edge of the world

It's the only way you'll see some of Australia's highest sea cliffs, rocks that 'breathe', sea caves that have no end, and feel the full might of the Southern Ocean. It's the reason why this Bruny Island Cruises has won two best tourist attraction awards.

It's the same size as Singapore but that's where the similarities end. Bruny Island, on the south eastern tip of Tasmania, has only about 600 permanent residents. 

It's actually two very different islands joined by a narrow isthmus, "The Neck". North Bruny has a drier climate and has some sheep farming whilst South Bruny is more mountainous with large areas of rain forest and sandy heathlands. Both islands have spectacular scenery with wonderful, deserted beaches and abundant wildlife.

I was covered from head to toe in a very unfashionable but extremely practical red rain coat for this morning ride. We were worried about the grey skies but the word was that the sea was calm, a much more important factor as we soon learnt.

Bruny Island Cruises operate a three hour, 50 km expedition along the dramatic coastline sculpted by the ocean's rythums over millions of years. Their bright yellow boats are extremely manoueverable so they can get up quite close to the cliff faces and almost into deep sea caves. 

It's a bit like a jet boat experience with the chance of spray which is why you are outfitted with huge rain ponchos when you board the boat.  Be warned - this is not an experience for someone who suffers from sea sickness, however the boat staff have great techniques to get the vulnerable through tough spots.

The trip leaves from Adventure Bay and it doesn't take long to start seeing the island's wildlife enjoying their coastal lifestyle.  There are sea eagles, pods of dolphins (we saw a baby) and shearwaters skimming the swells.

The 'Breathing Rock', with its dragon-like roar, was a highlight as was the fast trip through a narrow gap in the cliffs and a rock formation known as The Monument.

There also was no doubt of the power of the ocean where the Tasman Sea meets the might of the Southern Ocean, although the resident seals did not seem bothered at all.

You can drive to Bruny Island from Hobart. It takes about 45 minutes to reach the ferry at Kettering which takes you to the island. Bruny Island Cruises operate a pick up from Kettering.

Bottom line: A thrilling ride and exploration which takes you to places that you can't see any other way. An experience to remember.

Bruny Island Cruises

Disclaimer: Kerry Heaney was a guest of Tourism Tasmania.