In season this week - March 9

Brisbane Produce Market fresh produce report -
Rockmelons are ugly on the outside, pale on the inside but the best they have been all season and are an affordable fruit, although seedless watermelons are still eating well and should fall in price in the days ahead.

There is still stonefruit on the shelves with peaches and nectarines to choose from but it is the end of the season with some varieties harder to find. Plums are outstanding, especially the sugar plum variety.

Menindee and crimson seedless and muscat table grapes are the best eating. Figs are in mid season although not as flavoursome as in past years due to wet weather.

Williams pears are sensational eating. New season royal gala and red delicious apples are the pick this week. There are some Chinese apple varieties in the stores so check with your greengrocer if uncertain of you apple’s country of origin.

Australian valencia oranges are a touch softer and some may have black inside but their quality is expected to improve.

Mangoes are at the end of their season however watch out for new season persimmons which have hit the shelves this week. Bananas are still available with lady fingers and cavendish varieties eating well and similar in price.

In the salad lines, tomatoes, salad mix and green leafy vegetables are available but you will need to look for quality, cucumbers have firmed in price and lettuce remains expensive.

Australian hass avocados are expensive while the New Zealand fruit is the best eating. Shepard avocados are eating well although some may grey on the inside.

Potato prices are firm but their quality has improved, at the same time as onions have reduced in price as more become available.

Quality broccoli, cauliflower, beans and cabbage remain expensive but corn and carrots are of excellent value, although they won’t store for long periods of time.