Not making, but eating Whoopie - pies

As a die hard cupcake lover I've been resisting the new kid on the block - the whoopie pie!

Stories of it rivalling the popularity of cupcakes cut straight to my heart but when a courier from Cakes by JudyC  arrived at my door bearing two - well what's a girl to do!

They look like giant biscuits (about 8cm diameter) with icing inside.

JudyC says they are a sweet treat somewhere between a cupcake and macaron and they've been an American favourite since 1920.  This cake-like sandwich is actually an Amish tradition.  They may have a strange sense of fashion but they obviously know how to bake, and bake well!

So I've been nibbling on this choc chip whoopie pie for the last 10 minutes.  It's a very buttery biscuit with a mother load of rich creaming filling inside.  It is truly delicious but definitely more than a mouthful. And certainly not diet material.

JudyC is making whoopie pies for their Ashgrove display cabinet daily with alternating flavours and varieties. Next in my box is a peanut butter woopie pie. They are priced at $4 each.

Cakes by JudyC, Shop 1/227 Waterworks Road, Ashgrove. p3366 9111