St Patrick's Day cupcakes!

With a name like Kerry Heaney I can be excused for living it up a little on St Patrick's Day.

And if that means eating another cupcake or two, I'm up for the job.

It seems my penchant for cupcakes is becoming well known and I didn't even have to leave the house to enjoy these little beauties from Vanilla Pod at Ascot.

They were just the way cupcakes should be - fresh flavoursome cake with an icing that compliments, not overtakes.  The icing should be sweet, but not so sweet that it sets your teeth on edge, and not gritty. Granted these are my personal preferences but I think I speak for many.

Biting into these Vanilla Pod cupcakes was just a joy as was discovering that sneaky little centre of lemon curd - so delicious!

Load yourself up with these cupcakes for St Patrick's Day ( Thursday, March 17) at $4.95 each.  Pricey but worth it! The shamrock biscuits are $4.95 each. Vanilla Pod is taking orders.

Vanilla Pod, 119 Upper Lancaster Road, Ascot. (07) 3268 7285