Is the Easter bunny hopping your way?

Chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner? 

Not the best dietary habit but at Easter it is not just accepted, it is almost expected.

If you have to eat that much chocolate it should only be the best and one of the places you’ll find it is at Bittersweet Chocolate Boutique at The Barracks.

If you are planning your regular pilgrimage to The Barracks for Easter provisions you can relax a little in the knowledge that this year they are well stocked.

“This year I started moulding our Easter bunnies months in advance to ensure we can keep up with the demand as Easter is our busiest time of year,” said Bittersweet head chocolatier Melissa Atkinson. 

And if you are thinking of dining out over Easter, Libertine will be open all through the Easter weekend including Good Friday.

Bottom line:  Eat good chocolate - it's the only way to live! (This is a big hint Honey!)

Bittersweet, The Barracks, 61 Petrie Terrace, Paddington.