Burning ears at Noosa Food & Wine Festival

I’m seriously looking forward to the Audi Noosa Food and Wine Festival from May 13 to 15.

The festival is a great melee of lunches and dinners, cooking demonstrations, wine tastings from some of Australia’s most iconic vineyards, lifestyle discussions, music and food tastings from some of Noosa’s best restaurants.

It’s held at the Lions Park, just before the first roundabout down the hill at Noosa Heads from 9am to 5.30pm.  If you haven’t already bought your day passes, do it now here .

Apart from all this, there’s Sunday session in The Courier-Mail Lifestyle Annexe that has really piqued my interest.  

  • 11.15am-12pm Food In Mainstream Media, Social Networking And Blogs- David Fagan - MC, Fiona Donnelly, Matthew Evans, Jana Frawley, John Lethlean, Natascha Mirosch and Simon Thomsen.

I’ve been told this will be a lively discussion looking at mainstream media, blogging - how there are rules and regulations in mainstream media but not in blogging.

What strikes me as very curious is that none of the participants are what I would describe as a ‘real’ blogger.  Granted some, including my buddy Natascha Mirosch, have blogs, but all are full time newspaper employees or regular columnists.  

My definition of a blogger is a person who is free to write whatever they like in their column, without the restraints of newspaper obligations. 

I think bloggers around the country may feel their ears burn as the panel discusses food blogging in their absence and behind their back.

So who is going to stick up for bloggers?

How about some suggestions or self-nominations from dedicated food bloggers who would like to voice their option?  Feel free to leave a comment below. I wonder if anyone will take notice.