The Lemony Cupcake

I am truly a sucker for a pretty cupcake but it has to be simple.

Not for me the highly decorated, over-the-top decorations that look too special to eat.  I prefer mine simple and stylish but oh-so-pretty.

When Coby Liddell delivered me some of her Lemony Cupcakes ordered for a girlfriend’s birthday lunch I was hooked.

The sweet pink petals, glistening silver ball centres and pure white icing topped a caramel mudcake base – a stunning combo of my faves.

Best of all, when I put them on the table for dessert there were oohs and aahs all round.

The moist caramel cake didn’t disappoint and the smaller size, which Coby says is a result of frequent requests, was just right.  Instead of a huge cupcake fix we got just what we needed, a sweet treat after lunch.

Coby has other skills under her belt. She’ll also design and install a themed dessert table for any occasion.  
It’s sort of like having a party planner on a miniature scale. 

She also makes cakes and other sweet treats to order – just ask her at